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Apple Tree Knits

Apple Tree Knits are luxurious, high-quality, and supremely soft hand-dyed yarns. What truly sets this yarn apart is the extensive range of Gradients (and expertise in dyeing them for smooth transitions), and our delicious lace and fingering weight yarns. Customers also appreciate that this yarn is dyed using ecologically responsible dyes and dyeing procedures, right here in the US.

ATKPlushStndrdGrd ATKPlshStdGrdNewGrowth $34.00
ATKPlushStndrdGrd ATKPlshStdGrdWaterLily $34.00
ATKPlushStndrdGrd ATKPlshStdGrdRobinEgg $34.00
ATKPlushStndrdGrd ATKPlshStdGrdSparrow $34.00
ATKPlushStndrdGrd ATKPlshStdGrdMorningGlory $34.00
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ATKPlushStndrdGrd ATKPlshStdGrdPeace $34.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvPumpkinSpice $28.00
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ATKSocklove ATKSkLvTangerine $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvWaytoFairy $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvCobalt Blue $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvSplash $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvGranite $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvRustic $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvSeaNymph $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvOld Gold $28.00
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ATKSocklove ATKSkLvBlackberryJam $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvStillBeatingHeart $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSklvAfloat $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvMurderous $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvChocolateStout $28.00
ATKSocklove ATSklvAzalea $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvNut $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvPeridot $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvCrone $28.00
ATKSocklove ATKSkLvTwilightLake $28.00
ATKPlushStndrdGrd ATKPlshStdGrdLipstickEnvy $34.00
ATKPlushStndrdGrd ATKPlshStdGrdConfettiCakeSpeckled $34.00
ATKPlushStndrdGrd ATKPlshStdGrdSandNStone $34.00
ATKPlushStndrdGrd ATKPlshStdGrdFlamingTutu $34.00
ATKPlushStndrdGrd ATKPlshStdGrdBlueberryNCream $34.00
ATKPlushStndrdGrd ATKPlshStdGrdCiderHouse $34.00