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Zealana RIMU is a sumptuous, hardwearing yarn that is part of their PERFORMA SERIES blends. Its unique makeup of 60% fine New Zealand merino wool and 40% brushtail possum make it the perfect choice for garments that need to go the extra mile and back again...with lots of washings in between.

Double Knit Weight
50g : 128m : 140y
22sts over 10cm
US 6 : 4mm

Zealana Air is something extraordinary—an ultra soft, durable, pill-resistant yarn that is lighter and warmer than 100% cashmere. AIR features 40% of down from the brushtail possum fiber, combined with 40% cashmere and 20% mulberry silk. AIR is Zealana's most luxurious yarn.

159 Yards
US 9 (5.5 mm) Needles
15-18 sts over10 cm

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